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January 4, 2023


This page contains trade resources for our wholesale, on-premise, and off-premise partners. Each section opens a page with downloadable resources.

Note: We are working on an improved webpage to house everything related to our Trade operations. If you need something you don't see, please reach out. Email Rick Morrison, VP of Sales, at and we’ll custom make it for ya.  



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Rick Morrison Bio

Rick Morrison

VP Sales


Rick is the connector and communicator between really good wine and really good people. He has spent over twenty years launching and scaling iconic US wine brands like Qupé, Au Bon Climat, Torbreck, and many more. At Really Good Boxed Wine, he saw the opportunity to add the cherry on top of his well-respected career by influencing the landscape and acceptance of boxed wine, a far better format for the environment he cares deeply for, while maintaining his passion for fine wine.

Before immersing himself in wine, Rick was a dedicated VP in the music industry where he helped build the careers of superstars like Nirvana, Dave Matthews Band, Foo Fighters, and White Stripes. Never one to sit still too long, he also authored an acclaimed children’s book with his young daughter, The Hug Store, based on a true story about learning and integrating social emotional intelligence. 

Rick has bridged many interests, accepted many challenges, and rises to the occasion. The common thread through his life and career choices has been the relationships he’s built and the new ones he forms every day.


Amy Troutmiller Bio 

Amy Troutmiller

Chief Operating Officer


Amy is a career wine professional with over 20 years in on-premise, import, wholesale, and business development. She has worked in leadership positions with respected organizations and icons such as Chef Eric Ripert, Kimpton Hotel Group, and The Ritz Carlton. She was formerly the sole-executive of a national importer and distributor, and is the Founder of Common Fuel Consulting and Co-Founder of SWIG Partners.

Amy began her work with Really Good Boxed Wine in 2021 and was immediately committed to the mission of creating the best boxed wine in the United States. Having spent decades immersed in the wine industry, she is excited to contribute to a company impacting the future of wine.

In addition to her professional life, Amy is a member of Les Dames d’Escoffier, sits on the committee for Hearts Delight, and is a dedicated a mom and wife.


Jake Whitman Bio

Jake Whitman



Jake found his way to wine unexpectedly, beginning, as many do, with an occasional great bottle and a curiosity to learn more. Professionally, Jake is a 3-time Founder and experienced marketing and brand management executive. Through his roles with Procter & Gamble, Intuit, and SoFi, he honed his business skills and impacted significant growth across household name brands. That work eventually took him to San Francisco, where his proximity to California wine country gave him the opportunity to explore vineyards and indulge his interest in wine. Through his visits to these vineyards, he formed friendships and relationships that would eventually help launch Really Good Boxed Wine. 

In early 2020, with the pandemic upon us, Jake and his wife Grace decided to try different boxed wines due to the convenience of the packaging and its many benefits. Unfortunately, they found themselves disappointed in the quality. Jake, realizing there was no technical reason great wine couldn’t be put in a box, decided to solve that problem himself.

Leaving his established career behind, Jake founded Really Good Boxed Wine in 2021. His passion for wine has steadily grown, and he has a deep understanding for the human connection and small details that are the impetus to making really good wine.


Tami Collins Bio

Tami Collins



Tami Collins has more than 20 years of experience in making wine in Sonoma and Mendocino using super and ultra premium grapes. She learned the art of blending from award-winning winemaker Dennis Hill at Blackstone Winery, and has worked at many wineries across the world, including serving as head winemaker at De La Montanya. 

Tami now serves as the winemaker for Really Good Boxed Wine, as well as other notable luxury brands like Ketcham Estate. 

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