4 Reasons Why Food Network Chose Really Good Boxed Wine as a 2023 Favorite

Food Network released their 2023 Green List with Really Good Boxed Wine the only wine selected. Let's look at why. 

1. Unmatched Quality Wine for the Price

Most wineries aren’t looking to save their customers money, but Really Good Boxed Wine is unique in offering a 40-60% lower cost over the same quality wine in bottles. The packaging costs are 1/8 of glass bottles, which means those drinking a $60-$65 box (4 bottles inside) are actually getting $120-$150 worth of wine. High quality boxed wine. Yes, to that! 

2. Reduce your Carbon Footprint

The California Sustainable Wine Growing Alliance conservatively estimates that 51% of the wine industry’s carbon footprint is caused by glass alone. Switching to boxed wine lowers the carbon footprint by 84%. At half the weight of glass, you also save on emissions from shipping. And the box is fully recyclable, with cardboard having a more than 70% recycle rate vs. less than 30% for glass. Switching from bottle to box is an easy way to make a direct impact for the better of the planet. 

3. Drink in Moderation

For those conscious of their wine consumption or practicing drinking in moderation, choices can be limited for good quality wine. You pay more for the packaging for half bottles and single-serve options, and most boxed wines just don't make the cut. However, one box of Really Good Boxed Wine holds 20 glasses that stay fresh for 6 weeks after opening, and have that premium quality you're looking for. Gone are the days of wasting wine and money, or feeling forced to finish a whole bottle. Enjoy those one or two glasses without pressure.

4. Entertaining and Gifting

Conversely to the “one glass at a time” benefit, it’s never been easier to impress guests or hosts. There’s enough in each box for a group to share (no more fighting over a good bottle) and you’ll love the unexpected joy when people learn that wine THIS delicious came from a box. If you're taking it to another host as a gift, you'll find the lightweight package helpful to carry. For longer distances, a box of Really Good Boxed Wine travels well without worrying about broken glass. Just remember to put the wine in your checked luggage.

Founded in 2021, Really Good Boxed Wine is the foremost producer of luxury boxed wine in the U.S. Working with small, family-owned vineyards and an in-house winemaker, they give people access to better wine at a better price, and in the best format for the environment. Check out our wines here

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