Our Story


We hope the name gets the point across: there’s no reason really good wine can’t be put in a box. Really good wine isn’t about how it’s packaged. It’s not about fancy names, fancy brands, or fancy bottles. Really good wine is about how it’s made and where it comes from. It’s about passionately caring for the product through the entire journey – from vine to table.

We love the extraordinary heritage and tradition of winemaking. And we also believe it’s time for some positive changes. We see an opportunity for improvement and efficiency that respects this centuries-old craft, while honoring our need to protect it for the future and bring it into the 21st century.


Our approach to building Really Good Boxed Wine is a balance. We step one foot firmly into the future – embracing new, open-minded ways of looking at the industry. We’re eliminating bottles and corks, which reduces packaging costs and lowers our environmental footprint, allowing us to sell high-end wine at a much more reasonable price. And we’re putting it in a more convenient vessel that conveniently fits your schedule and your lifestyle.

Our other foot remains in the past—respecting the earth and winemaking tradition. The best wine is made in the vineyard, from vines that are well-tended and grown in the right climate, with minimal intervention during the winemaking process, and cared for by world-class wine producers. We partner directly with these producers to source our wine, forming relationships and with real people, not big corporations.

At the end of the day, the quality of the wine is what really matters. It doesn’t need to be costly or pretentious. It doesn’t need to be in a 2-pound bottle, or any bottle for that matter! We believe we’ve found a better way to help wine-lovers enjoy more of what they love. It’s better wine in a better format, that’s better for the environment and for a better price.

That’s Really Good Boxed Wine.


We know, there's a romance to picking up a sleek glass bottle and pulling out a cork. And there are times for that. But as your everyday wine, let's talk for a second about how annoying bottles are:


Wine goes bad quickly after a bottle is opened. How many half-drunk bottles have spoiled in your fridge because you just wanted one or two glasses and then forgot about it?


Bottles are heavy and clunky and can break. And then, even when you’re willing to spend money for good wine, do you REALLY want to spend $150+ on 4 bottles?


The US glass-bottle-wine-industry has about the same annual carbon footprint as 800,000 cars. Our 100% recyclable box decreases the environmental impact by 50% vs. bottles.

Wow! Yes please!

I was eager to try this because I’ve loved the other wines and have tried a merlot from Smith Devereux before. This did NOT disappoint. I’m shocked I can get wine like this in a box and at this price.



This was a great cab, very smooth and full of fruit. Great pricing for this wine and a great surprise for a “boxed” wine. It really is very good!