Master Sommelier Andy Myers Endorses Really Good Boxed Wine

Master Sommelier Andy Myers Endorses Really Good Boxed Wine

Andy’s not exactly what you picture when you think about a Master Sommelier. While he takes the craft seriously, you’re more likely to find him in a metal band t-shirt than a tailored suit — or, more recently, a Hawaiian shirt and flip flops. He's also one of the best people we know, and we're lucky to call him a friend.

There are only 279 Master Sommeliers globally, and they are widely respected as the most knowledgeable people in the wine industry. The Master Sommelier test is considered one of the hardest tests in the world—it often takes decades of studying and practice to pass. 

So why did Andy choose to put his name behind our brand? Well, first off, because our wine is really good. But also because we have a mission: to help more people drink great wine without pretense or intimidation, and to help save the planet while we’re at it. And Andy agrees with us! Wine doesn’t need to be intimidating or overwhelming, and it doesn’t need to come in a heavy bottle to be great. The truth is, even the most sophisticated wine professionals and wine collectors don’t consume $200 bottles every day. Wine is something that is meant to be enjoyed, to foster conversation, to complement a meal. And the more people we can introduce to wine and encourage to explore the industry, the better.

Andy is currently living in Hawaii as the Wine Director at the Kohanaiki Club on the Big Island, snorkeling and hiking between serving some of the finest wine in the world. Prior to that, he was the Wine Director for José Andrés’ ThinkFoodGroup, as well as working at the Three Michelin Star The Inn at Little Washington.

When we started Really Good Boxed Wine, we knew that we wanted to create the best boxed wine in the world. We think having Andy by our side helps us do exactly that.

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