Lower Costs Mean More Really Good Wine For Less Money

Lower Costs Mean More Really Good Wine For Less Money

Boxes are much less expensive than bottles and corks to make and to ship. That means you're paying for high quality wine, not the other unimportant stuff.

Think about what goes into making and delivering 4 bottles of wine. You need 4 glass bottles (that weigh more than a pound each), 4 corks, 8 labels, and 4 foil caps. Then, you put those heavy bottles into big cardboard boxes wedged into styrofoam so they don't break, and put them on the back of a truck. Our box is much simpler: it's 1 recyclable box and 1 food-grade bag. Our shipper is 1 more cardboard box. This reduces the packaging costs by almost 90% and the weight by 50%, making shipping a lot more affordable.

So what do we do with those savings? We invest in partnering with amazing vineyards and winemakers who make wine that blow your taste-buds away. And it's not easy to make wine this way. Big commercial vineyards use chemicals on their vines and massive picking machines that tear up the grapes, and then put a bunch of additives in the tank to make up for those shortcuts. 

Our partners grow their grapes sustainably or organically, often pick by hand, and then let the fruit do the talking. No added sugars, just the high quality grapes that express the flavors from the land around them. 

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