Our Approach to Winemaking

Our Approach to Winemaking

What We Stand For

Hand picked grapes

Great tasting wine is about how it's made and where it comes from. It's about passionately caring for the product through the entire journey – from vine to your glass. The best wine is made in the vineyard, from vines that are well-tended and grown in the right climate, and cared for by world-class vineyard managers and winemakers.

We believe in traditional winemaking, meaning we age our wines in barrels or tanks, and don't speed up or alter that process with artificial methods. We start with quality grapes, and as it turns into wine over time, we analyze the purity and balance at every step along the journey. 

When you lose these traditional methods, taste is sacrificed. But it's more than that. We lose our sense of connection and storytelling, as we move from wine cared for by hand in small barrel rooms to massive factories filled with millions of gallons of juice. The very things that make wine so wonderful, connection with the earth and human relationships, are taken away. 


Making wine at Healdsburg Custom Crush

Our Winemaking

We make our wines in a small winery in Healdsburg, California. Our winemaker, Tami Collins, relies on her extensive experience handcrafting luxury wine in the New World with Old World techniques. Our wines are hand-picked and hand-made, using minimal intervention and no additives. Whether we're sourcing grapes to make wine in our winery or partnering with other producers, our winemaking philosophy remains consistent. 

Our Partners

Our greatest partner is Nature itself, so we go directly where she works her magic best. From private vineyards in the Russian River Valley to Oceanside vineyards on the San Luis Obispo Coast, we source from and partner with premiere producers. 


Our Promise

We carefully select only the highest quality grapes from ideal climates and soil, and use low-intervention winemaking techniques to make wine you’re happy to drink and proud to share.

Our promise is simple…..Really Good (Boxed) Wine.

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