Really Good Wine Doesn’t Have to Come in a Bottle

We hope the name gets the point across: there is no reason why really good wine can’t be put in a box. We at Really Good Boxed Wine love really good wine. We also love the idea of getting people high-quality wine without the crazy price tag, by removing corks, bottles, and middle-men from the equation. We are not winemakers ourselves (although we know some great ones), but rather winelovers who found that bottles were an annoyance...
  • To Use: How many half-drunk bottles have spoiled in your fridge because you just wanted a glass and then forgot about it?
  • To shop for: Even when you’re willing to spend money for good wine, do you REALLY want to spend $150+ on 4 bottles?
  • To our planet: The US glass-bottle-wine-industry has about the same annual carbon footprint as 800,000 cars. Our 100% recyclable box decreases the environmental impact by 50% vs. bottles.

How We Do It

Instead of spending our money on bottles, corks, and distributor fees, we invest in finding and partnering with amazing winemakers who make wine that will blow your taste-buds away. The vineyards we choose put real care into their land, farm sustainably and organically, and have track records of award-winning wine. We aren’t contractually obligated to source from any particular one, so think of us as your personal wine concierge, always searching for the best wine to put in the box. As the seasons change, so will we, and we hope you want to be along for the ride.