Was your Pinot Noir spout flipped?


Many of you who purchased the 2020 Pinot Noir found a little surprise when you opened the box. The spout was upside down! If you were confused, we get it. It wasn't you, it was us.  

We received a lot of pictures showing us how you tried to solve the problem. From tearing open the box, to flipping the box upside down and immediately realizing gravity becomes your enemy, to my favorite, what I call "the fountain." (take two minutes to watch the video here, I promise it's worth it). 

The good news is the spout can be spun back into position without damaging the box or the wine. The better news is we are now VERY aware of this problem, and rest assured it has been fixed for future releases.

Most of all, I just want to thank you for being with us in the early days, through both the good and the challenges. We're working every day to make Really Good Boxed Wine live up to the expectations you have for great wine. 


Jake Whitman

Founder, Really Good Boxed Wine