Is it time for a boxed wine revolution?

2022 may be a perfect storm to finally having quality boxed wine, and brands like Really Good Boxed Wine are leading the revolution. 


Pile of empty wine bottles
Shortages of glass, bottle closures, and increased shipping costs have been plaguing the wine industry over the past couple of years. Millennials and Gen X, now the largest share of wine consumers, are more concerned with value, sustainability, and convenience than their older counterparts. 
In steps boxed wine. Yes, the boxed wine most people associate with hazy college parties and that silly game "slap the bag" (what was the point of that exactly?). For the past several decades, boxed wines were made with low-quality, commercially farmed grapes from who knows where. But consumers are starting to understand the benefits of boxed wine, and are demanding better quality in the misunderstood format. 
First, let's talk a little bit about bottled wine. Corks and bottles are far and away the best option to age wine for years in a cellar. That's what they're made for. Glass is a phenomenal substance for keeping oxygen out, and the very tiny amount that seeps in through a cork helps your $100 bottle of Bordeaux age just perfectly. But that's about it. 
For the 97% of wines that are drunk in under a year (and 95% in under 3 months), bottles and corks are overkill. It's like buying an H1 Hummer when you live in the get the idea. Yes, bottles and corks protect your wine for 45 years, but they're also really expensive (and you, the wine drinker, are paying for that in the price) and really bad for the environment. Plus, once you open the damn thing, you're on the clock to drink it all or risk throwing it away if you don't get back to it within a day or two. 
There are many convincing reasons to welcome the boxed wine revolution, as boxed wine packaging is a superior format for the majority of wine produced. The interior bag prevents oxygen from reaching the wine, allowing someone to open it and enjoy it glass by glass for up to 6 weeks. Environmental benefits include a 50% lower carbon footprint and 80% less landfill waste than bottles. And there are savings in nearly every piece of production, from the 90% lower cost in the packaging itself to costing much less to ship.
And the best part? There's no reason wineries can't put luxury wine in boxes, they just haven't been doing it. 
Well, that's changing. New brands like Really Good Boxed Wine are shaking up the industry. It's a better way to help wine-lovers enjoy more of what they love. It’s better wine in a better format, that’s better for the environment and for a better price.
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