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  • Stays Fresh for 6 Weeks After Opening

    Stays Fresh for 6 Weeks After Opening

    Oxygen: great for humans. Bad for wine. With our box, oxygen doesn't touch the wine, keeping it fresh for up to 20x longer than bottles. Read More

  • More Really Good Wine for Less Money

    More Really Good Wine for Less Money

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  • 50% Lower Carbon Footprint vs. Bottles

    50% Lower Carbon Footprint vs. Bottles

    Making & shipping heavy bottles has a big impact on the environment. Our recyclable box and food-grade bag uses less than half the energy as bottled wine. Read More

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4 BOTTLES PER BOX | Free Shipping on orders $100+

Welcome to the Collaboration Series. While all of our wines are made through partnerships with amazing winemakers and vineyards, the Collaboration Series wines are created through a deeper level of teamwork and alignment. We spend time together discussing our approach and our philosophies around the winemaking process to ensure a final, beautiful wine that best represents us both. We then celebrate the partnership by featuring them directly on the label, and invite you to learn more about their vineyards and our journey together.

Our first Collaboration Series is with Ian Devereux White, founder of Smith Devereux Winery in Napa Valley. A medium-plus bodied Red Blend of Merlot and Syrah, sourced entirely from a sustainably-farmed Mendocino family vineyard nestled alongside the Russian River, it’s meant to be versatile and enjoyable whether pairing with red meat off the grill or sipped around a fire. With notes of blackberry jam, bright cherries, and a dust of dried herbs, you’ll want to keep coming back to this wine until it’s gone. 

Smith Devereux is a small, boots on the ground winery that farms sustainably and strives for balance and complexity in their wines. They focus on featuring the subtle and unique flavors of the vineyard and grapes, keeping things down to earth, and welcoming everyone into an industry that is often viewed as exclusive. The owner and farmer of the Mendocino vineyard that these grapes come from has been a friend and partner of Smith Devereux’s for many years. They take a hands-on approach to every aspect of vineyard management, ensuring the grapes are handled in the most minimal manner possible. 

In Ian’s words, “every wine tells a story,” and we’re so honored to have him as part of ours.

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We'll always tell you where your wine comes from. No more "California Red" with mass produced grapes from who knows where.

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We source high quality grapes that taste great just the way they are, with minimal to no intervention.

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We make our wine in Healdsburg, CA, the heart of California wine country, and ship it right to your door.


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Live somewhere else? Keep checking in, we continue to work as fast as possible to secure licenses to ship as many places as possible. 


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