How Really Good Boxed Wine is Improving the Way We Drink

How Really Good Boxed Wine is Improving the Way We Drink

Really Good Boxed Wine was founded in 2021 as the first US-based winery dedicated to boxed fine wine. In the few years since, they've created thousands of loyal customers and changed boxed wine forever.

Why are wine lovers and media raving about RGBW?

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1) Quality at an affordable price

Making high-quality wine is an expensive endeavor. By using small, sustainable vineyards growing premium grapes, RGBW has no need for unnatural additives or sugar to cover flaws in a finished wine. The end result is an elegant, 0g sugar, low-sulfite wine that is on par with $30-$50 bottles. 

The choice to use box is intentional to ensure everyone can afford the good stuff. Packaging can make up almost 50% of the retail cost you pay for bottles. By saving 80% on packaging costs and not having to pay to ship expensive, heavy glass, RGBW is able to reduce the price of their fine wines by up to 60% vs. bottles. 


2) Perfect for drinking in moderation

Did you know that 48% of wine drinkers dump unfinished bottles every month? Instead of wasting wine or choosing something cheap to reduce, literally, pouring money down the drain, Really Good Boxed Wine allows you to enjoy great wine over time. With a one-way valve, oxygen won't interact with the wine inside very fast, allowing for 6 weeks to drink a glass as you want it. 

More people are considerate of their consumption. Whether for health reasons or lifestyle choices, the best option for wine in moderation is box, and the best boxes are RGBW. 

3) Solving the problems with glass

Glass breaking is a problem for both drinkers and producers. Fragility means extra loss in the winery that gets added to prices to customers. For drinkers, there are a lot of places that glass just isn't convenient or allowed. Many pools, beaches, boats, and communal areas have banned glass to prevent liability issues. Bottles are also double the weight of boxed wine, making it more difficult to carry, take to events, or travel with.

In addition, glass produces 51% of the carbon-footprint of the wine industry. Glass bottles are ideal for storing wine for years in a cellar, but are unneeded for wines you purchase to drink within a year. 


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