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Light/medium body, with notes of bing cherry, pomegranate, nutmeg, and dried herbs. This is as classic a cool climate California Pinot Noir as you’ll find.

The 2021 Vintage in the San Luis Obispo Coast: in a word, Epic. Compared to 2020, 2021 was a late harvest with long "hang time," yielding a wine with concentrated flavors and high acids.

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How do we compare

Our Wines Other Boxed Wines Premium Bottled Wines

Single Varietal, Single Vintage

Sourced from top-tier regions

Stays fresh for 6 weeks after opening

Sustainably Farmed


84% Carbon Footprint Reduction

High-end wine for half the price

84% lower carbon footprint

Really Good Boxed Wine is committed to reducing the carbon footprint in the wine industry. Glass and cork packaging has far and away the biggest environmental impact in wine, an ugly hidden secret we think everyone needs to know about.


Our box and the bag inside replaces four bottles, four corks, eight labels, four foils, and all of the packaging materials needed to protect glass, which is often styrofoam.

Less Weight

Our wines weigh half as much as bottles and take up half the space as bottles, reducing fossil fuels needed to transport our wine.

Made in USA

Our lightweight boxes are made within a couple hundred miles of our winery. In comparison, 2/3 of wine bottles used in the US are produced in China, meaning those heavy wine bottles are shipped empty across the ocean.

Better recyclability

The EPA states that only 31% of glass bottles are recycled, vs. >70% for cardboard. To make matters worse, many municipalities no longer accept glass because it's more expensive to recycle than it is to produce more of it.

Making Glass

Producing glass is incredibly energy-intensive, requiring temperatures of up to 2700 degrees fahrenheit.


The California Sustainable Winemaking Alliance has shown that boxed wine is by far the most environmentally friendly option.

And we're watching the industry closely. As new innovation comes along to improve even further, we'll be all in.

We invest in wine, not packaging

In your average $15 bottle of wine, over half of the cost goes into packaging. What's sacrificed? Yep, you got it, it's the quality of the wine.
Our packaging costs are 1/8 that of bottled wine, meaning we can invest much more into making high-quality wine, not glass and corks.

We invest in wine, not packaging


We invest in wine, not packaging

Frequently asked questions

How is Really Good Boxed Wine different from other boxed wines I’ve had?

You may have tried a boxed wine and disliked it. But it’s not the box’s fault! It’s the actual wine inside that needs to be better. Really good wine is about how it's made and where it comes from, not what package it's in.

Our award-winning winemaker handcrafts our wines in our small winery in Healdsburg, CA, in the heart of Sonoma County. Our wines are made with the same care and approach as $30+ bottles, but because we save so much on packaging, we can sell it to you for half the cost.

All of our wine labels tells you the vintage, varietal, and region the grapes came from, and you can also explore more technical details on each product page.

Cheers to a more convenient and more environmentally-friendly way to drink fine wine.

Why Boxed Wine?

Boxed wine has some pretty incredible benefits that we think you'll love.
1. Savings: Packaging costs are 90% lower and it weighs half as much as bottles, meaning we can invest WAY more into the quality of the wine vs. the packaging. That means we can sell you the SAME wine for 50% less than it would cost in bottles.
2. Freshness: Because oxygen never touches the wine, our boxed wines stay fresh a full 6 weeks after opening. No more dumping half drank bottles of wine down the drain.
3. Sustainability: Studies show boxed wine reduces the carbon footprint by as much as 84%, and is far and away the most environmentally friendly way to drink wine.
4. Convenience: Glass is sort of a pain in the a$$. It's heavy, it breaks, and requires a corkscrew to open, this weird tool that isn't used for anything else. Plus, it's not allowed in lots of outdoor places. Boxed wine is just a more convenient way to drink great wine.

How does the Wine Club work? Am I going to be trapped into a subscription?

Of course not! We hate those subscriptions that make it impossible to cancel as much as you do. If you join the Wine Club, you're able to cancel, skip your delivery, change your varietal, or add on wines anytime you'd like right from your Wine Club portal.

We like to say that the Wine Club is the best way to experience Really Good Boxed Wine. You get discounts on every order (up to 15% off), first access to all wines and exclusive access to Wine Club only releases, free tickets to all you can eat & drink events across the country, and more.

Have more questions? Email our Wine Club Concierge at

Do I need to be home to accept my delivery? What do I do if I miss my delivery?

Yes. By law, a 21+ adult signature is required for any shipment of alcohol in the United States. If you are not usually home during the day, you can ship it to an office or select a UPS Access Point at checkout to receive your delivery, where they will hold it for your pickup.

If you miss your delivery, UPS will typically try to re-deliver it the next business day. They will attempt 3 deliveries before it is returned to sender.

If you would like to change your delivery location or schedule a different delivery date, you can log into your UPS account to make those changes. Unfortunately, we cannot make those changes on your behalf, but are here to help you navigate UPS!

What is your Returns and Refunds policy?

We do offer a Money Back Guarantee on 1 box of wine if you didn't like your wine for any reason. We are a small and growing business with a passion for making the best boxed wine in the world, so please only use this if you were truly disappointed! And any feedback you have is always much appreciated

If your box of wine is returned to us because of a failed delivery, you will be responsible for any excess shipping/handling charges, so please make sure you're delivering the wine somewhere that can accept deliveries.

Other Questions?

See our full FAQs Page here for more questions and answers. Still can't find an answer? Email us at and we'll help ya out.